Hamburger Writing

Age Range: -
By: Mollie Perez

I use this to teach writing and using adjectives with my first graders.

When I first introduce "Hamburger Writing" I explain my "juicy words" (adjectives) with a good first example... like "I ate a hamburger" or should I say "I ate a big, fat, juicy, cheesy hamburger with yellow mustard on a warm bun." Now doesn't that sound better than "I ate a hamburger"...

I then introduce my wall size hamburger that I have made from bulletin board paper and have laminated (two sentence stripes on each) starting with the top bun. I tell them that like the top of the burger the bun or the topic sentence tells us all about our story. Then we go into a piece of lettuce for the "first" sentence and tomato, onion, etc.....each thing added to the burger is a sentence (I use it to teach first, next, then, and last). The bottom bun holds the burger together like the ending sentence holds the story together.

After we do this as a class several times, then I make little pieces for them to make their own hamburger story. This is the fun part...I give them all a red and yellow crayon for the mustard and ketchup...they then underline all of their "juicy words".

They always want to have lots of mustard and stuff underlined on their hamburger story! Remember these stories have nothing to do with can be about a time you had fun with your parents or anything!!

Have fun and appeal to their appetite for writing!


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