Ten Resources for World Creative Writing Month!

March 4th, 2016

Ten Resources for World Creative Writing Month!

March is World Creative Writing Month! Take part in this exciting opportunity with your children using our top ten teaching ideas and classroom resources!

1) Night Zookeeper - Your class can compete in an exciting writing competition and watch their team rise in the global writing league. Register here to get started.

2) Story Writing Ideas - This section of Teaching Ideas has a huge collection of ideas and resources that your children can use for their creative writing. Don't miss our Box of Secrets resource, Story Starters and Magic Door activity!

3) Writing Prompts - This Tumblr blog has hundreds of great writing ideas, with more added every week! Take a look through the collection and you will be able to find plenty that are suitable for your class.

4) Story Machine Apps - Alan Peat has created a number of brilliant apps that can be used to help children plan and write in range of different genres. These include the Science Fiction Story Machinethe Fairytales Story Machine, the Superhero Story Machine and the Detective Story Machine.

The Superhero Story Machine

5) Story Starters - Scholastic have created this great interactive story starter machine! Just choose a theme, your age range and spin the wheels to get started.

6) Mr. P's Literacy Ideas - Lee Parkinson has some brilliant suggestions for using technology to inspire writing and other creative activities. Check out his ideas for using the Star Wars app in class and this post about using Minecraft to inspire writing.

7) The Narrative Writing Pack - Our narrative writing pack has hundreds of posters, writing templates, table mats, checklists and prompts that you can use to support your children's writing.

The Narrative Writing Pack

8) Writing Exercises - This site has a number of 'generators' can can create subjects, plots, dialogue and other writing exercises. There is a special children's section with a fun news headline generator and more!

9) Pinterest - This Pinterest board has plenty of writing challenges, prompts and resources that you can use in your classroom. I particularly liked the 'fake photos' and the 'It was less than a second...' prompt.

10) Writing Prompts - This Flickr gallery has some amazing images that could be used as the starting point for your children's writing.

What are your favourite creative writing activities and resources?

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