Ten Resources for Easter!

March 20th, 2016

10 Resources for Easter

Are you looking for some great teaching ideas and classroom resources for your Easter lessons. Here are ten great resources that we have discovered!

1) Our own Easter resources are always incredibly popular. You could use the Easter Inspiration posters as the starting point for discussion in your lessons and our Easter Fact Cards on your classroom display boards. There are plenty of practical activity resources too, including the Symmetrical Eggs Maths Challenge, Easter Cutting Skills sheets and Easter writing templates.

Easter Inspirations

2) One Little Project has a collection of 40 Easter Crafts for Kids. I love the Plastic Spoon Bunnies and the Easter suncatchers.

3) A to Z Teacher Stuff have a long list of Easter printables, activities, resources and downloads to explore.

4) Topmarks have a huge collection of Easter resources and activity ideas. They have some useful background information about Easter, an illustrated version of the Easter story and an interactive Easter counting game!

Topmarks - Easter

5) Teacher's Pet also have a number of lovely classroom display resources linked to Easter.

6) Communication4All have plenty of wonderful free display and activity resources too. 

7) I love this Little Bunnies idea! Find out more about this activity at Thriving Home Blog.

Little Bunnies

8) You can also find lots of Easter colouring pages, crafts, games, puzzles, poems, printables, recipes and worksheets at DLTK Holidays!

9) This Pom Pom Easter Egg painting activity is simple but produces a great result!

10) These Minion Eggs would be very popular with children! Could you decorate eggs in other interesting ways?

Minion Eggs

If you have any other favourite teaching ideas and resources for Easter, please let us know by adding a comment below. Thank you!

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