Ten Resources and Teaching Ideas for Australia Day!

January 22nd, 2016

Ten Resources and Teaching Ideas for Australia Day!

Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January every year. It celebrates the arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at New South Wales in 1788 and it is the National Day of Australia.

To help you celebrate the day with your children and use it as the starting point for learning about the country, explore the following ten resources:

1) ‚ÄčAustralia Fact Cards - We have a set of free fact cards that you can use to learn about Australia. Could you use the information on these cards to create a report about the country? Could you find out additional facts and make your own cards using the blank template?

Australia Fact Cards

2) Made in Australia - This wonderful video shows timelapse photographs of beautiful places around Australia. It could be used for a wide range of cross-curricular activities!

3) Create a stamp - Australia Post produce a set of Australian Legends stamps every year to recognise local and national Australian here. Could you design your own stamps to celebrate important Australians? Use our free stamp template to get started!

4) Australia Day Crafts - Activity Village have plenty of craft ideas that you can try. I love the Australian Flag Collage!

5) Australia Day Activities - DLTK Kids have a huge list of Australia Day and general Australia activities. Could you try to make this cute koala using cardboard tubes and other craft materials?

Australia Day Koala Craft

6) Aussie Clue Cracker - The official Australia Day site has a clue cracker game that will help you to learn about Australia's national days, weeks, symbols and emblems (it requires Flash so it may not work on mobile devices).

7) Australia Day Recipes - Kidspot have a large collection of crafts, activities and recipes linked to Australia Day. Could you try to make their Australia Day mini pavlovas?

8) Australia Day Mini Unit - Our Worldwide Classroom has a free pack of downloads, including research questions, printable songs, colouring pages and more!

9) A Day in the Life - Time for Kids has timeline that outlines the day of one boy from Queensland. How similar / different is your day?

10) Australia Day Animations - Learn about the arrival of the First Fleet on Australia in this animation:

We hope that these are useful! If you're celebrating Australia Day with your children, let us know what you are doing in the comments!

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