Back to School with Teaching Ideas

September 2nd, 2016

Back to School with Teaching Ideas

Many schools here in England are about to start the new academic year (or may have already started), so we thought that it might be helpful to highlight some of our most popular resources for you:

  • Writing Inspiration Posters - These eye-catching posters contain plenty of high quality images and prompts to give your children a starting point for their writing.
  • SPAG Resources - Use our glossary, follow me cards and banners to support your children’s knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar!

SPAG Glossary

  • Video Gallery - Our video gallery has lots of wonderful videos that you can use for many different classroom activities. The Present, Soar and Origins are three of our favourites!
  • Teaching Ideas​ Library - Use these wonderful children’s books as the starting point for learning in your classroom. Don’t forget that this year marks 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl and we have lots of free resources that you can use.
  • Place Value T-Shirts - These printable T-shirt pictures have lots of different numbers on them. They can be used for sorting and ordering activities. They’re also a handy resource for an interactive Maths display board!

Numbers on T-Shirts

  • Mega Maths Mat - This popular resource is a great reference mat for your Maths lessons. It includes a hundred square, a multiplication square, useful vocabulary and information about shapes, angles, fractions and more!

Mega Maths Mat

Don't Walk in Front of Me

Star of the Week

  • Classroom Displays - When you’re planning your classroom display boards, check out our gallery of photos for inspiration and ideas! If you’re able to share some photos of your own displays, please get in touch!
  • Classroom Rewards - We have plenty of printable charts and certificates that you can give to your children to reward them for their behaviour and achievements.

Great Teamwork!

  • Event Calendar - Our popular event calendar shows the dates of a variety of special events that are taking place around the world. It’s a great resource to help when you are planning your topics.

Event Calendar

  • Classroom Essentials - Our Teaching Packs site also has a popular pack of essential resources to download. These include a superhero visual timetable, birthday display resources, reading corner resources, a noise monitor, page borders, banners and more!

We hope that our sites and resources are useful. We’re always adding new material to Teaching Ideas and Teaching Packs, so visit us regularly to see what’s new!

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