10 Top Podcasts for Teachers

January 26th, 2018

10 Top Podcasts for Teachers

Do you listen to podcasts? They are a fantastic, free source of ideas, entertainment and inspiration. Here are some of our favourite podcasts for teachers.

Education on Fire

1) Education on Fire aims to share 'creative and inspiring learning in our schools' and features plenty of fascinating discussions with teachers and others involved in education. I particularly enjoyed the series of episodes in which children explained what they thought about their own schooling. The Education on Fire blog also shares useful education resources, lesson ideas and videos.

2) Better Leaders - Daniel Bauer interviews school principals and other education influencers in this interesting podcast, which is aimed at school leaders. It contains some really useful advice, ideas and resources that you can try in your own schools.

3) The TES Education Podcast covers the latest UK education news and also features interviews with key education figures.

The Teaching Space

4) The Teaching Space - This podcast, created by education lecturer Martine Ellis, is relatively new but covers some extremely useful topics (e.g. ways to mark faster and smarter, strategies for saving time and recommended books for teachers). The episodes are usually quite short and to the point, so they're perfect for listening to on the journey to school.

5) Inspiration4Teachers is an award winning podcast that has been online since 2015. It features interviews with educators and the episodes are grouped into seasons that cover similar themes. These include creative and innovation, coaching and mentoring, happiness, wellbeing and more.

6) Pivotal Podcast - Pivotal Education is the education training consultancy that produces this free podcast. The show has a focus on behaviour management, safeguarding, teaching and learning, and includes interviews with teachers, headteachers, trainers, advisors and others involved in education.

7) Art Ed Radio is aimed at art teachers and covers lots of topics linked to the subject (e.g. art history, using sketchbooks, sculpture and comics). Many of the episodes also discuss wider teaching issues and feature interviews with educators and artists.

8) The Education Podcast Network features a number of podcasts, including The House of EdTech, The Google Teacher Tribe, The Early Childhood Research Podcast and Short Films Teachers Love.

The PE Umbrella

9) The PE Umbrella - Ryan Ellis, a primary PE teacher, produces this fantastic podcast. It shares lots of PE resources and activities that you can use with your children. One of the first episodes of 2018 shared 15 awesome PE warm up activities to use in your lessons.

10) Mr Barton Maths - Craig Barton is a secondary school Maths teacher who interviews people from the world of education in these podcasts. The episodes go into a lot of depth and cover a range of issues, including lesson planning, problem solving, behaviour and more.

BBC School Radio also has a huge collection of audio, video clips, downloads and podcasts that you can use inside the classroom.

Let us know if you have any other favourite education podcasts by sharing them in the comments below...

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Thanks so much for including The Teaching Space - I am honoured :-)

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