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Music And Maths

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Sarah Coraggio

Objective: Students will learn how maths and music are related. The students will understand how mathematical addition is applied to music. To help them understand this concept, the students will be learning note values while reviewing addition. The students will add musical notes together and come up with a real number as the answer. Students will be able to understand addition beyond their textbooks in real practical terms.

Materials: Paper, Pencil, Sheet Music worksheet

Visual Resources: Poster showing note and rest values


  • Introduce students to the concept of addition and music.
  • Give an example of an addition problem using both real numbers and musical notes.
  • Review the four basic note values with students. Demonstrate what those note values sound like.
  • Demonstrate a couple of problems with the students on the board. Show them how they can add a quarter note to a half note and come up with an answer of three.
  • Give the students a few problems to do on their own.
  • Go over the problems with the students, calling on them to write their answers on the board.
  • Have students create their own problems with the answers to them.
  • Review with the students why addition is used in music and the importance of it.

Assessment: Have students do five addition problems using notes as their product. Have students create ten different addition problems with answers using notes to create them with 80% accuracy. Students will orally describe why math is important to other subject areas, such as music.

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