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Hunt The Object

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

This is a very easy Music game which will reinforce the children’s understanding of some of the musical elements.

Before you begin, you will need an object to hunt. This can be anything, as long as it is quite small (e.g. a coin).

1) Show the object to the children and give everyone a good chance to see what it looks like.

2) Choose one child to go outside of the room for a few seconds.

3) While they are outside (make sure that they cannot see back inside the classroom!), hide the object somewhere. Make sure the rest of the class knows where it is hidden.

4) Invite the child back into the classroom.

5) The rest of the class should make a Laa sound while the child is hunting. If the child is close to the object, the class should “Laa” at a higher pitch. If the child is far away, the children should “Laa” at a lower pitch. By listening to the rest of the class, the hunter should be able to find the hidden object (make sure the hunter knows this before he / she begins hunting!)

This activity can be repeated a number of times, and the children can vary their “Laa” sound according to pitch (high pitch=close, low pitch=far away) and dynamics (loud=close, quiet=far away). They could also use instruments.

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