Saturday, July 20, 2024

Body Percussion

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Christine Hare

Explain to the children you are going to use different parts of their bodies to make music and pretend to be an orchestra.

  • Start with the head – bounce the hand up and down and say, “BOING, BOING”

Then add one sound each time, keeping the same order beginning again each time from the start.

  • Push your finger onto the nose and say, “Honk, Honk”
  • Pull one ear lobe then the other and say, “Ding, Dong.”
  • Clap hands and say, “Clap, Clap”
  • Tap knees and say “Tap, Tap”
  • Stamp feet and say, “Stamp, Stamp”
  • If you are standing up – you can wiggle your bottom and say, “wiggle, wiggle”

Put them all together, and you have your own orchestra!

For a bit of extra fun, do it backwards, starting with the bottom / feet – it’s quite tricky!

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