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When do we use Maths?

When do we use Maths?

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The printable posters can be downloaded below. Here are some ideas for using them in the classroom:

  • Add them to a class display.
  • Challenge children to think of other ways that people use Maths. Could they make a new poster to add to the collection?
  • Ask children to think of a time when they have used Maths in the different ways described in the posters. Where were they? What were they doing?
  • Think about the units of measurement and equipment used for each type of Maths activity.
  • Talk about how each type of Maths has changed throughout history. Has the equipment / units of measurement changed? Why?
  • Ask pupils to use the information in the posters to make their own poster that features all of the different ways that we use Maths. Could they make a multimedia presentation using the information?


When do we use Maths?

When do we use Maths?

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