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The Telling The Time Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Teach your children about time with this bumper collection of resources! This pack includes:

  • Time Guide – A helpful PDF guide that includes information about what time is, past / present / future, how we read analogue clocks, how we read digital clocks and time zones.
  • Match the Times – Challenge your students to match these digital / analogue times together.
  • Analogue Clock Poster – A helpful poster / reference mat that can be used to remind your children about ‘past’ and ‘to’ terms.
  • Blank Clocks – A set of printable clocks that do not include the hands. Add your own hands and ask your children to tell the time on each one… or give children a set of times and ask them to draw the hands in the correct positions!
  • Time Vocabulary Labels – Add these vocabulary labels to your classroom display boards.
  • Analogue Watch Templates – A collection of printable watch templates to help your children practise their time telling on the move!

These resources are part of our Telling the Time Pack, which is available to download from Teaching Packs.


The Telling the Time Pack

The Telling the Time Pack

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