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The Negative Numbers Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Teach your children about negative numbers with our special teaching pack! This pack includes:

  • The Negative Numbers Guide – Includes information about what negative numbers are, number lines, when we use negative numbers and how to solve negative number problems using a calculator.
  • My Number Line – A set of printable number lines that your children can use for reference during their Maths activities.
  • Negative Number Challenge Cards – Eight Maths challenges for your pupils to try when they are learning about negative numbers.
  • Across-Downs – A set of addition and subtraction problems involving negative numbers. Can your students calculate the total of each row and column in the grid?

These resources are part of our Negative Numbers Pack. Find out more about this on Teaching Packs.


The Negative Numbers Pack

The Negative Numbers Pack

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