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The Coordinates Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

Use a bumper collection of teaching and activity resources to help your children learn about coordinates. This pack includes:

  • Coordinates Guide – Four printable pages that help your children to learn about reading coordinates, quadrants and compass directions.
  • Fictional Map – A map of ‘Dewtown’ that can be used for a range of coordinates challenges (our full pack has differentiated questions to accompany this map).
  • Finding Points – A set of questions that challenge your children to find the given coordinates on the grid.
  • Shape Rotation – Can your children rotate the shapes on the coordinate grid?
  • Coordinate Grid Template – A printable template that your children can use to create their own coordinate challenges.

These resources are part of the Coordinates Pack, which you can download from our Teaching Packs site.


The Coordinates Pack

The Coordinates Pack

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