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The Addition Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Download this bumper pack of resources to teach your children about addition! The PDF below includes:

  • Addition Guide – A set of PDF pages that cover what addition means, the addition sign, when we use addition, addition with number lines, adding 10 and 100, and addition strategies.
  • Addition Grid – Can your children complete the grid by adding the numbers along the top to the numbers down the side?
  • Find the Addition – Ask your students to solve the addition calculations and then find them in the number grid!
  • Column Addition – Review your addition skills with this handy activity sheet.
  • Addition Match – Can your children find the pairs of addition cards that have the same answers?
  • Shopping List – Complete the shopping lists and find the total prices of the items!
  • Addition Puzzles – Use the numbers shown to make other numbers. Can your children find more than one way of making each number?
  • Number Card Addition – Use the number cards to make addition calculations!

This resource is part of our Addition Pack. Find out more on our Teaching Packs site.


The Addition Pack

The Addition Pack

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