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The 3D Shapes Pack

The 3D Shapes Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Help your children to learn about 3D Shapes with our handy teaching and activity resource pack! This pack includes:

  • The 3D Shapes Guide – Use this guide as a whole class teaching resource or a reference resource for independent / small group work.
  • 3D Shapes Challenge Cards – Eight shape challenges for your children to explore.
  • 3D Shapes Posters – A set of posters to add to your classroom display boards.
  • 3D Shapes Properties Activity – Ask your students to work out the number of faces, edges and vertices in these 3D shapes.
  • Shapes Photos – Which 3D shapes can your children see in these photos?
  • Counting Cubes – Challenge your children to count the number of cubes in each shape.

These resources are part of our 3D Shapes Pack. Find out more about this on Teaching Packs.


The 3D Shapes Pack

The 3D Shapes Pack

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