Sports Ladders

Age Range: 5 - 11
By: Adrian Baker

This is a fun activity which I made up, and which the kids love - they even wanted to do it for homework!

Each child works individually or they could work with a partner. Get them to make up 4 or 6 teams for their favourite sport (one which has results in double or triple figures, e.g. basketball.) They could use real teams.

Work on round 1. Get the kids to work out which teams are playing each other. Then they roll 2 die to find out the scores. They times (or add - or 'read') the numbers together. Now they should know who has won the games of round 1. They write up a ladder, the top team being the team which won with the highest score. List the winning teams in order and then the losing teams in order of score. They also list games won and lost and their score next to the teams.

Now it's round 2! Work out who is playing who. Work out the scores and who won. Now adjust the ladder. Add the scores to their old scores. Add up how many games they've won and adjust the ladder accordingly. Of course, if 2 teams have won the same amount of games, the team with the highest aggregate of points is higher on the ladder.

Keep going for as many rounds as you like, or until all teams have played each other. Then have finals and a grand final!

Great fun, and great learning.


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