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Monster Maths Addition

Monster Maths Addition Challenges

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

A set of Monster Maths Challenge resources are available to download below. These challenge children to answer 100 Maths calculations at varying degrees of difficulty. Answers are also provided for teachers! Here are some ideas for using them in the classroom:

  • Challenge children to complete all 100 questions without making any mistakes.
  • Ask children to think of ways to check their answers. Can they make a new calculation for each question using the inverse operation?
  • Record the time taken to complete the sheet and repeat the activity after a few days / weeks. Has the children’s time / accuracy improved?
  • Give the children a fixed period of time and ask them to answer as many questions as possible in that time. Repeat this activity again after a few days / weeks. Have the children answered more questions?
  • The resources could also be used as a calculator activity, with children working out the answers on a calculator. Could they race to find the most correct answers in the shortest time?
  • Let children use the provided answers to check their own / each other’s work.

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Monster Maths Addition Challenges

Monster Maths Addition Challenges

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