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Measuring Mass

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7

This is suitable for children who have just completed their first unit on mass. By this time, they should know phrases like “is about the same as”, “is heavier than” and “is lighter than”.

  • Collect various objects that are familiar to the children – toys, fruit etc.
  • Set up a board and use blue tack to stick on the three phrases listed above.
  • Then draw and cut out cardboard pictures of the objects.
  • Place the objects on a table along with a set of simple balances.
  • Children come out in groups of four. Each child selects two objects and weighs them on the balance.
  • They then move to the board and create a sentence, e.g. “the apple – is heavier than – the car”.
  • The children then copy down the sentence.
  • At the end of the activity, they will have four statements that they can decorate and are great as a display.
  • I found that this is also a great thing to have out during free time, as kids love to play with it.

TIP; laminate all the cards, and they last for ages!

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