The Night Before Christmas

Age Range: 5 - 11

As St. Nick and eight tiny reindeer descend through a brilliant night sky, the famous Christmas poem begins.

Book Author: Clement Moore

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Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a description of, or a poem about, the things that happen in your home on the night before Christmas.
  • Can you find all the rhyming words in the story?
  • Could you add a new verse to the poem?
  • Write your own letter to Father Christmas, explaining what you would like for Christmas this year and why you think you deserve it.
  • Can you find any examples of similes in the poem?
  • Read the description of St. Nicholas in the poem. Can you write a description of another person in a similar style?
  • Make your own list of words / phrases to describe Father Christmas.
  • There are a number of different books that are based on this poem. Can you look at some of them and describe how they are similar / different? Which is your favourite?


  • Can you make some instructions to teach people how to look after a reindeer?


  • Can you make a multimedia presentation showing different verses / scenes from the poem. Could you find or draw pictures that match different parts?
  • Try recording your own retelling of the poem. Can you add music / sound effects at appropriate points? Watch some of these videos for inspiration:

Design Technology

  • Try making a model sleigh for Santa to deliver his presents in.


  • Design some of the stockings that are 'hung by the chimney with care' (see Resources below).
  • Create a storyboard showing scenes from different parts of the poem.
  • Draw some picture of Father Christmas, his sleigh and his reindeer. Look at different photos and illustrations for inspiration.
  • Make some moving Father Christmas / reindeer characters (see Resources below).


  • Can you compose a tune for the poem? Watch this video for some ideas:


  • Find out the different names that people around the world call Father Christmas / St. Nicholas.
  • How do people in different countries celebrate Christmas?


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