Norman The Slug Who Saved Christmas

Age Range: 5 - 7

When a sack of presents lands - THWACK - right by Norman's stocking he is overcome with excitement. He really must have been a very good slug this year. But after a frenzy of unwrapping he spots a label - and realises that none of the presents were meant for him, but had in fact fallen off Father Christmas's sleigh. Norman knows he has to get the presents to the family they're meant for - but how can he manage it on time? Can one little slug save Christmas?

Book Author: Sue Hendra

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Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write diary entries for Norman on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • Norman saves Christmas in this story. Could you think of a similar story in which a different character saves Christmas in their own way?
  • Write Norman’s letter to Father Christmas. Has he been a good slug this year?
  • Retell the story from Norman’s point of view.
  • Read the original book about Norman the slug. Which do you prefer? Why?
  • Could you write a new story about Norman and his friends?
  • Write a set of instructions that will help Norman to build his sleigh.
  • Write a ‘thank you’ letter from Father Christmas to Norman.
  • Think of speech / thought bubbles for the snails, cat and snowman in the illustrations.
  • Write a newspaper article about a person who has spotted a slug flying a sleigh across the sky.
  • Record your own retelling of this story. Here are some examples:

  • In the video below, the author and illustrator talk about the book. What questions would you like to ask them?


  • Design some new Christmas wrapping paper. It must have repeating patterns.
  • Think of other round objects that Norman could use for a shell.


  • Father Christmas has a cold. What can we do to try and stay healthy? What healthy treats might help him to avoid catching a cold in the future?


  • Use art software to create your own illustrations of Norman.
  • Could you use programming software (e.g. Scratch) to move a slug across the screen to collect some presents?

Design Technology

  • Design a vehicle / machine that could help Norman to transport the presents to Wiggleton.
  • Design your own sleigh.
  • The book includes a special ‘Norman’ Christmas decoration. Could you design and make your own?
  • Make a model of Norman using different materials.


  • Design a Christmas stocking for Norman.
  • Draw your own pictures of Norman with colourful, festive shell decorations.
  • Look at the silhouette picture of Father Christmas flying across the sky. Could you make a similar picture of your own?
  • Create a comic strip that retells the main events of the story.
  • Look at the background scenes in the illustrations. Some of them use a limited colour palette with shades of one or two colours. Could you use a similar technique in your own pictures?


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