Age Range: 5 - 11

From climbing and abseiling to canoeing and a Crazy Bucket Race, Tim's adventure holiday promises to be full of action. There's just one problem: he is hopeless at sports of any kind. Can Tim survive the horrors of a week absolutely packed with activity? Can his team – the Tigers – be the overall champions? There are some surprises in store for everyone!

Book Author: Jacqueline Wilson

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Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Chapters in stories and episodes of TV shows sometimes end with a 'cliffhanger'. What does this mean? Could you write part of a story with a cliffhanger ending?
  • The 'blurb' on the back of the book includes the text "I slipped backwards and suddenly? There I was! Suspended. In Mid-air. 'Help!'". Could you use this as the starting point for a story of your own?
  • Before reading the story, look at the illustrations of Giles, Tim and Biscuits at the start of the book. Think about the personality of each character. What might they be like? Could you make a character profile and see if your profile matches their personality when you are reading the story?
  • Write a reply from mum and dad to one of Tim's postcards.
  • Write new postcards from Tim at different points in the story? or write a postcard from one of Tim's new friends at the end of the story?(see Resources below).
  • The text is written in the first person, from Tim's point of view. Could you rewrite part of it in the third person.
  • Make an advert for the adventure holiday.
  • The story includes lots of speech. Could you rewrite part of it as a playscript and perform it to others?
  • Look for examples of adverbs that are used in the story (e.g. rapidly, cheerfully, appreciatively). Can you think of an alternative adverb that could be used in their place? How does this change the meaning of the sentence?
  • Tim describes the first evening at the Adventure Centre as 'awful awful awful'. Can you think of other words that mean the same as this?
  • Write some instructions to teach people how to take part in one of the activities that the children try at the Adventure Centre.
  • Tim calls his mum and dad to ask them to bring him home. Try a 'conscience corridor' activity in which people share their opinions about this. Should mum / dad collect Tim and bring him home? Why?
  • Tim tells his family that he was in 'MORTAL DANGER' when he was abseiling. What does it mean when someone 'exaggerates'? Can you think of a sentence / paragraph that includes an exaggeration?
  • Read the sentence in Chapter Five when Tim describes the obstacle course. Can you rewrite this using shorter sentences and time connectives?
  • The idiom 'Time flies when you're having fun' describes Tim's experience at the Adventure Centre. Can you think of other idioms?


  • The winner of the obstacle course is the team with the most water in their bin. How do we measure the amount of liquid in a container? Can you try measuring different capacities?



  • Plan a healthy meal for Biscuits to eat.
  • Learn about how muscles work and think about which muscles are used in different adventurous activities.
  • Think about the forces that are acting when a person is abseiling or canoeing.
  • The children have a Giant Roar competition. How do we measure sounds? How are sounds made?


  • Design a flag for The Tigers team to wave.
  • The teams put face paint on so that they look like their team's animal. Draw a face and add decoration to make it look like a tiger / lion / panther / cheetah.
  • Make a storyboard showing the events that happened when Tim abseiled down the steep drop.
  • Design a certificate to give to the children to celebrate their achievements at the Adventure Centre.


  • Compose a tune / chant that the teams can sing when they are taking part in their activities. Think of words that will encourage them to be the best that they can be.


  • Draw a map of the adventure centre, showing where the different activities take place.
  • Look on a map and find the locations of different adventure centres near to where you live.

Physical education

  • Plan a timetable of sporting activities that might form part of an adventure holiday.
  • Design an obstacle race to try with your friends.


  • Read Tim's postcard at the start of the story. How is he feeling? Why is he feeling like this? What could he do to improve his mood?
  • Tim wishes that he had Walter Bear with him at the Adventure Centre. Do you have any items that are particularly special? Why are they special to you?
  • Giles keeps teasing Tim during his time at the Adventure Centre. How should you respond when someone teases / bullies you? What can others do to help?
  • Read each of Tim's postcards in the correct order. How does his attitude change as the holiday progresses? How can you tell?
  • The children have to work as a team to complete the obstacle course. Think of other activities that require people to work in teams.



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