Class Two at the Zoo

Age Range: 5 - 11

Join Class Two as they wander round the zoo. They see all sorts of animal antics, but they don't notice the anaconda slipping up behind that's determined to make a meal of them. But Class Two are a resourceful bunch and come up with a rescue plan.

Book Author: Julia Jarman

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Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Make a list of all the rhyming words in the book.
  • Look for examples of alliteration, e.g. 'koala kissing a kangaroo'. Can you make up your own alliterative sentences featuring animals, e.g. 'dogs dancing daintily with deer.
  • Rewrite the story from the anaconda's point of view.
  • Find all of the adjectives / verbs / adverbs in the story.
  • Could you make a new page for the start of the book using a similar format, i.e. the children saw... but they didn't see...
  • Find all of the words used to describe how the anaconda eats the children, e.g. gulp down, make a meal of...


  • Can you sort the animals into different groups using Venn / Carroll diagrams?


  • Make a list of the different types of animals featured in the book
  • Could you make a sign for one of the animal's enclosure to teach visitors about them?


  • Use publishing software to make the leaflet about the zoo that Class Two's teacher is reading.
  • Make a sign to warn people about the dangerous anaconda.
  • Listen to this recording of part of the story. Could you record your own version using expression, sound effects and music?

Design Technology

  • Design a natural (but secure) enclosure for the anaconda to live it so that it doesn't escape again.


  • Can you draw / paint a picture of an anaconda?
  • Look at the different patterns / textures used in the illustrations of the animals. Could you use different art materials to recreate some of these?
  • The author's website has some illustrations from the book to colour.


  • Could you compose a tune that could accompany the rhyming words in the story?


  • Can you find the location of your nearest zoo? Could you plan a trip there? What route would you need to take?
  • Could you make a map for a new zoo? What animals would you include? What facilities would visitors need? How would they get around the zoo?


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