Baggy Brown

Age Range: 5 - 11

Baggy Brown was born at Better Bears Limited. Only he wasn't born as Baggy Brown, but Number One. And as a special limited edition bear, he was due to be presented to Princess Sophie, daughter of King and Queen of Thingland. But this isn't quite what happened. This is the story of how Alfie found and named Baggy Brown and the beginnings of a very special friendship.

Book Author: Mick Inkpen

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Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Baggy Bear is 'priceless'. Can you explain what this means? Can you think of different words that have the same meaning?
  • Write a recipe for a birthday cake for Princess?Sophinyiniannia.
  • There are lots of verbs in the story (e.g. grubbed, fluffed, plumped, scrodged, frizzles, squiggled, pummelled, hooshed...). Can you find them all and make a collection of verbs to use in your own writing?
  • Find all of the adjectives that are used to describe Baggy Brown (e.g. lopsided, soft, saggy, squashed).
  • Write a script for the news report announcing the missing royal bear. Could you record it and present it to an audience?
  • Rewrite the story from the point of view of Baggy Brown or Alfie.
  • Role play a conversation that Alfie might have with Sophie on the silver phone that he receives.
  • Lots of Mick Inkpen's stories feature teddy bears. Could you write a new story about a bear, in a similar style?


  • Baggy Brown is one bear out of 1000. Can you count to 1000? Can you think of questions that have an answer of 1000 (or 999)?
  • The bears in the factory are 'limited edition' bears costing £499.99. What could you buy with that much money? Can you think of word problems that might have an answer of £499.99.


  • Princess Sophinyiniannia cries for week after week. Find out how sounds are made? How can we block sounds? Can you choose the best materials to block out Princess Sophie's cries?
  • Baggy Brown gets very dirty on his travels. Think of different materials / objects that could be used to clean him carefully.


  • Use a painting program to decorate the teddy bear picture?(see Resources below).

Design Technology

  • Design and make a new button to go onto Baggy Brown's ear.
  • Design and make a teddy bear using craft materials.
  • Draw a picture of the machines in the Better Bears factory and add labels / captions to explain what they do.


  • Decorate and colour the teddy bear picture?(see Resources below).


  • Draw a map of Thingland, showing the location of different places mentioned in the story (e.g. the factory, Alfie's house, The Great River, the Royal Palace (and Palace Garden).?On your map, add the route that Baggy Brown takes throughout the story.


  • Can you find out about the history of teddy bears?


  • Baggy Brown was made to celebrate the first birthday of her Royal Highness Princess Sophinyiniannia. What special presents would you give to a friend / family member to celebrate their birthday?


Bear Colouring Page

Bear Colouring Page

A printable page to colour using art materials.

Bear Image

Bear Image

An image that you can decorate using art software.


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