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Teaching Numbers in other Languages

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
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Try these games when you are teaching children about numbers in your language lessons…


An ideal way to reinforce children’s knowledge of French numbers is to play Bingo. Instead of calling out the numbers in English, the teacher should say the numbers in French. The children will therefore have to translate the numbers to English and see if they have that number on their Bingo card.

Noughts and Crosses

Draw a noughts and crosses grid on the board and fill it with numbers, e.g.

Noughts and Crosses

Now split the class into two teams (one team is labelled “Noughts” and the other “Crosses”). A child from “Noughts” should choose a number and say what that number is in French. If they get it right, the teacher can draw a nought over the number on the grid. This process is repeated for “Crosses”, and if the answer is correct, a cross can be drawn over the number. Each team has a turn, and the game is won when a straight line of three noughts / crosses is drawn on the board.

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