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Teaching Languages With Flashcards

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Rebecca Barford

To learn vocabulary from flashcards…

First go through the vocabulary using a listen-and-repeat technique. To practise the vocabulary, use these games;

1) Qui a ?

Pupils hold the flashcards at the front of the class in a line. They then turn themselves so their backs are to the rest of the class. They then muddle themselves up (not the cards but the people!). The teacher then asks qui a and the item on a flashcard. This ensures the pupils are continuously thinking about the vocab.

2) The stealing game

Hold up the flashcards, having learnt the vocabulary initially. Pupils have to ask for the item on the card e.g. Je voudrais un chat. The cards get distributed around the class. One pupil has the task of remembering who has which card, and they can steal them back by asking for them, e.g. As-tu un chat? The game ends when one person has all the cards.

3) Noughts and Crosses

Set the cards up in a noughts and crosses formation on the board. Split the class into two teams, one being the noughts and one the crosses. The pupils have to correctly name the vocab in order to place their 0 or X.

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