Teaching Ideas for a Royal Wedding

Age Range: 5 - 11

Teaching Ideas for a Royal Wedding

Celebrate the royal wedding with some of these teaching ideas and classroom activities!

If you have any other ideas, please add a comment to share them with others.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Use publishing software to design an invitation to the royal wedding.
  • Use a spreadsheet to plan a royal wedding party. What food / drinks / entertainment would you need? How many people will attend? How much will each item cost? How much will the party cost altogether?
  • Record a video news report about the wedding preparations.
  • Research some facts about the bride and groom and use PowerPoint to make a quiz about them.

Design Technology

  • Design a royal wedding ring.
  • Design and make some flags to fly during a royal wedding celebration.
  • Bake a special royal wedding cake.
  • Design a gift box for a wedding present.
  • Use decorative hole punches to make some confetti.
  • The royal wedding has been recreated using Lego. Can you create your own model to represent the event?



  • Compose a tune that could be played while the bride walks up the aisle.
  • Create a playlist of songs for a royal party.


  • Where is the royal wedding taking place? Can you plan a journey from your home or school?
  • Plan the route of a royal wedding procession in your local area.


  • Create a family tree for the royal couple.
  • Design a coat of arms for the royal couple.
  • Research a royal wedding from history. 
  • Create a fact file about the wedding venue, Windsor Castle.

Religious education

  • Find out how weddings are celebrated in different religions. What are the similarities and differences?
  • Have you attended any weddings? What parts of them do you remember?
  • Invite a vicar to school to talk about Christian wedding ceremonies.


  • Learn some wedding vocabulary in the language you are studying.


  • If you could plan the royal wedding, who would you invite as guests? Use our template to make a list of people that you think deserve to attend. Can you give reasons for your choices.
  • How do you think the bride and groom will be feeling as they prepare for the wedding day? When have you felt like that?


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