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World War 1 Fact Cards

World War I Fact Cards

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

The printable cards below share twenty facts about life in the trenches during World War One. A set of blank cards is also included. Try using these free resources in your own History lessons using some of the ideas below:

  • Print the fact cards and add use them as part of a display in your classroom.
  • Use the cards as part of work in History or during guided reading sessions.
  • Ask children to read the information on the cards and identify any unknown words. How could they find out what the words mean?
  • Give a child one of the cards and ask them to describe what it shows to a friend.
  • Let children explore the resources, using them as a reference tool when they are learning about World War One.
  • Challenge the children to find out their own facts about World War One and make their own sets of cards. You can use the blank cards to support this work.

Ruth says…

“I made a crossword with a clue from each card. I then hung cards around the room. Students worked in pairs moving from card to card to fill in the crossword. It gave them a chance to read each and move around a bit. Thanks for the resource.”

Leave a comment below to tell us other ways of using these resources in the classroom.


World War I Fact Cards

World War I Fact Cards

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