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The Vikings Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Teach your children about the Vikings with our collection of resources! This pack includes:

  • The Vikings Guide – Reference information about the Vikings. Your children can learn about who the Vikings were, Viking children, Viking houses and the god Thor.
  • Vikings Glossary – An excerpt from a glossary of Vikings words.
  • Vikings Writing Prompts – A set of high-quality images with writing prompts to use as part of your English activities.
  • Design a Viking Shield – A template on which your children can design their own shield.
  • Viking Runes – A handy reference resource. Could your children write their own names (and other words) using these symbols?
  • Vikings Banner – A display banner to use on your classroom display boards.

These resources are part of our Vikings Pack. Find out more about this on Teaching Packs.


The Vikings Pack

The Vikings Pack

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