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The Ancient Maya Pack

The Ancient Maya Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Teach your children about Ancient Maya with this collection of resources from our enormous resource pack. This download includes:

  • The Ancient Maya Guide – Includes information about when and where the Maya lived, palaces and temples, nobles, warriors, merchants, craftsmen and their game Pok-a-tok! An excerpt from the comprehensive glossary is also included.
  • Maya Maths – Challenge your children to solve the calculations using Maya numbers!
  • Maya Mask – A free template of a Maya mask that your children can decorate.
  • Maya Images – Two photos of a Maya ball court and a replica of a fresco from Bonampak.
  • Maya Wordsearch – Can your children find the words in this printable word search?

These resources are part of our Ancient Maya Pack. Find out more about this on our Teaching Packs site.


The Ancient Maya Pack

The Ancient Maya Pack

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