Go on a Safari

Age Range: 7 - 16

Lots of the Myst games have wonderful examples of wildlife which you can discover as you explore. For example, in Myst III you will find a creature called a squee (in J'nanin), whilst Edanna is full of some amazing plants and animals. In Myst IV, Haven is bursting with life, including camoudiles, karnoks, zeftyrs and mangrees (which are always popular with the children!).


Whilst you explore the game, you could go on a safari. Give the children opportunities to record what they discover as you explore:

  • Make sketches with pencils,
  • Write notes and descriptions of the things that you encounter,
  • Take digital photos for use later on,
  • If you have access to video cameras, get the children to record the plants and animals in their natural environment.

The children could use this 'Myst Safari' sheet below to record their notes and sketches. You can also download a Smart Notebook slide showing some of the creatures.

This information could then be used to write information reports about the wildlife in a particular location. You could also use it for Science work linked to habitats, adaptations or food chains.

The pupils could also create their own Myst creatures, using the examples that they have seen as a starting point.

Do you have any other ideas for using the Myst creatures in your lessons? Leave a comment...


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