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World Volcanoes

World Volcanoes

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The resource below includes twelve photos of volcanoes around the world. They can be used as part of your ‘Volcanoes’ topic in lots of different ways in the classroom:

  • Print the pictures and use them on your classroom displays.
  • Give one of the photos and ask them to find out lots of information about that particular volcano.
  • Look at all twelve images and identify their location on a map.
  • Challenge children to find images / information about other volcanoes around the world.
  • Discuss what the pupils can see in each picture. How are the volcanoes similar / different?
  • Use the pictures as the starting point for some Literacy activities… what words would you use to describe that location? Could you use it as the setting for a story?
  • Challenge your children to create their own artwork based on the photos. What different materials could they use?
  • Imagine what it would be like to live near to the volcano. How would it be similar / different to your own life?
  • Describe the volcanoes using geographical terms.

Do you have any other ideas for using these resources in your classroom? Leave a comment below…


World Volcanoes

World Volcanoes

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