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Temperature Charts

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Help your children to measure the temperature each day with our free printable charts! Six different versions are available:

  • Thermometers – Children can measure the temperature and colour the thermometer pictures to show the correct temperature each day. These are available in two formats (Monday to Friday / Monday to Sunday).
  • Weekly Tables – Record the temperature by writing the measurement in the correct space. Your children could also draw a picture to show the weather each day. These are also available in two formats (Monday to Friday / Monday to Sunday).
  • Fortnightly Tables – Write the temperature in the correct space on the chart over two weeks (available in Monday to Friday / Monday to Sunday formats).

When your children have recorded their temperatures, ask them to use their information to carry out other activities:

  • Write a description of how the temperatures changed during the week / fortnight.
  • Create a graph showing the results (with or without technology).
  • Create a historical weather / temperature report to describe what happened. Could you record this in the form of a radio / video report?
  • Repeat the measurements at different times of the year. How do they change?
  • Investigate the temperature in different parts of the world. How are they similar / different? Why?
  • Write a set of instructions to teach people how to measure the temperature.


Temperature Charts

Temperature Charts

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