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Teaching Ideas for a Tartan day!

Teaching Ideas for a Tartan Day

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Try out some of these teaching and classroom activity ideas for Tartan Day, which takes place in Scotland on 6th April. Other countries may celebrate special tartan days at other times of the year.

If you have any other ideas for a tartan day or topic, let us know by adding a comment!


The Scotland Pack

  • Write an acrostic poem about tartan.
  • Collect books set in Scotland, such as the Katie Morag books* by Mairi Hedderwick.


  • Draw your own tartan using only straight lines and right angles.
  • Give children examples of tartan and ask them to work out how much of the area of the fabric is covered by each colour.
  • Count the number of right angles in a sample of tartan.
  • Show children a few examples of tartan and pose the question, “Is tartan symmetrical”? Ask them to discuss and explain their thoughts.



Design Technology:

  • Learn the names of the different garments and accessories that make up traditional Highland Dress. This page has lots of information. Draw and annotate the elements of Highland Dress.





Physical Education:

  • Learn a simple Scottish reel.



  • Talk about what it means to have a nationality. What symbols does your nationality have? Tartan is a symbol of being Scottish. What other national symbols can you think of?

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