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Rivers Of The World

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The printable posters below show photos of twelve famous rivers around the world. These include the River Amazon, the River Mississippi, the River Thames and more! They could be used in the classroom in lots of different ways:

  • Print the posters and use them on a classroom display about rivers.
  • Add a large map of the world to your display and challenge your children to identify where the rivers are on the map.
  • Ask your children to find out more about the rivers shown on the posters. This could be a class or homework activity.
  • Give pairs (or groups) of children some of the photos and ask them to discuss:
    • Where they think the river is,
    • How the river is being used,
    • What the climate is like in that place,
    • What animals / plants might live in or near the river,
    • The similarities / differences between the rivers.
  • Find out the lengths of each river and use this information to plot the data on a graph.
  • Ask children to think about what other parts of these rivers might be like. Each photo only shows one part of the river… how do rivers change throughout their course?

Do you have any other suggestions for using these resources in your classroom? Leave a comment below…


Rivers of the World

Rivers of the World

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