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Rainforests Fact Cards

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The printable cards below show twenty different facts about rainforests and the plants and animals that live there. Teachers are free to download them and use them in their classrooms in a variety of ways:

  • Print the cards and put them on a display about rainforests in classrooms.
  • Challenge children to find out their own facts about rainforests and make their own cards. Add these to your classroom display too!
  • Use the cards as part of guided reading activities. Ask children to discuss the information that the cards show, point out any important / technical vocabulary and talk about the meaning.
  • Use any cards that feature mathematical terms as part of Maths activities.
  • Share one fact each day that your class are learning about rainforests. Challenge them to remember as many as possible!


Rainforests Fact Cards

Rainforests Fact Cards

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