Passing Skills

Age Range: 7 - 11

This simple activity involves passing a ball from one end of the line to another. The children should throw to the person standing diagonally opposite them (as shown in the diagram below) and they should aim to be as quick as possible, while still being accurate. Any type of ball is suitable, although a larger ball may be more appropriate for younger children.

Passing Layout

There are a number of variations to this activity:

WHOLE CLASS - The whole class can take part, trying to pass the ball up the line without dropping it. The activity can also be timed, with the children aiming to move the ball from one end to the other as quickly as possible. They could also compete to beat their previous times.

GROUPS - Working in groups, the children can practice their passing skills without the pressure of trying to be as quick as possible.

TEAMS - The class can be split into teams, competing against each other to be the fastest group.

The activity can be made harder by moving the two lines further apart and by using a smaller ball. This could also be used as an activity to develop football passing skills.

A word of warning - If someone drops a ball (especially in timed games), others may get angry with that child. Before the lesson, remind them that they should work as a team, encouraging each other, and helping those who make mistakes.


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A variation to this is once the last player is reached, they run behind their line to the start (the lines keep shuffling up when this happens) & so the next time the ball travels it's way along the 2 lines, the last person will be the line on the other side & that player runs behind to the start. And so the game/challenge continues. Then, add another ball, and another. This activity guarantees aerobic activity, ball handling skills, reflexes & lots of wide grins :). *just make sure players use each other's names if the person they are throwing to isn't looking their way!



this is so helpful