Visiting the Beach

Age Range: 2 - 16

Here are a number of ideas for activities to try when you are exploring the beach / seaside.

  • Sketching - Ask the children to sketch different things that they have found on the beach / at the seaside.
  • Alphabet Hunting - Try to find items which begin with each letter of the alphabet. These could be recorded with written notes, sketches, photographs, videos or collection of items which are safe to pick up and bring back to school (see Resources below).
  • Beach Photography - Show the children how to use digital cameras and ask them to take the perfect beach photos. These could be used as part of posters / persuasive leaflets when you return to school.
  • Beach reports - Use voice recorders / microphones to record an audio report about the beach visit. These could also be used to record sounds that can be heard at the seaside.
  • Listen to the sounds that you can hear at the beach. How are these similar / different to those that you might hear around school / at home?
  • Animals and plants - Make a list of the animals / plants that you might find at and around the beach?
  • Carry out a litter survey. Discuss how we can help to reduce the amount of rubbish left on the beach.
  • Interview local residents and visitors. What do they think about the beach? How could it be improved?
  • Sandcastle competition - Have a sandcastle building competition... which individual / team will make the 'best' sandcastle. Prizes could be awarded for best team, best design, most imaginative castle etc.
  • Beach Treasure Hunt - Challenge the children to find particular items on the beach. Make sure that the items on your list are actually there before they start!
  • Shape Hunting - Ask pupils to try and spot things that are different shapes (see Resources below).
  • Beach Photo Hunt - Before the visit, take some digital photos of things on / around the beach. Print these, or save them on a mobile device, and challenge children to find them when they visit the area.
  • Rockpooling - This can be a really exciting and enjoyable activity if you have the equipment and adult support.

If you have any of your own ideas, please email them or leave a comment below and I will add them to this page. Thanks!


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Ruth Jordan

Years ago, as a teacher of year 3 children, our visit to Wembury Beach was cold and with a brisk wind, plus  rain showers. To keep the children warm and occupied, we split up into teams, whilst collecting materials to create a massive whale, sea sculpture. Dark seaweed for outline of creature. Some dark blue mussels also.  Then lighter green seaweed for filling in body mass. White pebbles for shading underbelly.  Big pieces of cork for eyes.  Old bits of netting for arranging under the whale.Eventually we were finished and he looked wonderful. We kept warm whilst busily hunting and scouring the beach for sufficient materials!