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World Cup Inspiration Posters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

We have made a set of posters as part of our popular ‘Inspirations’ series. These ones are linked to the World Cup, and they can be used as the starting point for a wide range of teaching and learning opportunities. Here are some suggested ways that you could use them in your classroom:

  • Make a ‘World Cup’ classroom display and use these posters as part of it.
  • Give the children one of the posters and ask them to discuss the answer with a friend.
  • Use one of the questions as the starting point for a research / written activity.
  • Show one of the posters on an interactive whiteboard at the start of the day and use it as an ‘early morning activity’.
  • Give one of the posters (or print a smaller version) as a homework activity.
  • Challenge your children to think of other questions that they would like to research, linked to the World Cup.
  • Ask your class to find out the answers to as many of the questions as possible and use these to create a class book that includes their work.


World Cup Inspiration Posters

World Cup Inspiration Posters

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