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Teaching Ideas for Easter

Teaching Ideas for Easter

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Contributor: Sam Collins

If you’re planning your Easter activities, explore this enormous collection of teaching ideas.

Add your own ideas and suggestions to the comments below. We would love to hear what you are planning!


The Easter Pack




Design Technology:



  • Learn and sing some Easter songs.
  • Listen to some classical Easter music, such as Handel’s Messiah.


  • Explore Easter traditions in different countries and mark them on a world map.
  • Hide some Easter eggs and make a map to show their location.
  • Locate Easter Island on Google Maps or in an atlas. How far away from you is it? What is it like there?


Physical Education:

  • Hold an ‘Easter Games’ event. Include activities like Easter egg relay races, Bunny hop sack races, Egg and spoon races, and an Easter obstacle course
  • Create a dance routine to a piece of Easter music, such as Good Friday from Parsifal, by Wagner.
  • Create an Easter Treasure Hunt.

Religious Education:

  • Talk about family Easter traditions for those children who celebrate Easter.
  • Visit our Easter Event Page for more information about Easter.



  • Have a discussion about the values of giving and sharing at Easter.
  • Discuss the idea of new beginnings at Easter. What signs of new beginnings do we see during spring?
  • Role-play a scenario based on Easter. For example, how would you feel if you were left out of an Easter activity?

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