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Olympics Inspirations Posters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Twenty-one free posters are available for download below. These feature a range of Olympics-themed images with a related question. Try using them in your lessons in some of these suggested ways:

  • Let children answer the questions and try the activities as part of independent activities.
  • Challenge children to work in pairs or small groups to answer the question.
  • Use the activities as part of early morning work, time-fillers or extension activities.
  • Make an Olympics display and add these posters to them. Leave a space where children can add their thoughts and responses to the question.
  • Give the children one of the posters and ask them to answer it as a homework activity.

If you have more ideas about how these ideas could be used in the classroom, leave a comment below…


Olympics Inspiration Posters

Olympics Inspiration Posters

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