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Easter Sequencing Activity

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

This activity is based on a worksheet which can be found below. The worksheet contains a table which lists a number of the major events which took place at Easter. However, these events are jumbled up, and the children should cut them out and put them into the correct order.

The children will need to have had some prior input on the Easter story. This might be in the form of reading the story or reading appropriate passages from the Bible. Once they are familiar with the story, they can carry out the worksheet activity. It might be helpful for them to refer to some reference material while they are doing this.

The correct order of events is listed below:

  • Jesus arrives in Jerusalem.
  • Jesus curses the fig tree.
  • Jesus throws the money changers out of the Temple.
  • Jesus and his disciples meet to celebrate the Passover meal.
  • Jesus shares the unleavened bread and the red wine among the disciples.
  • Jesus and the disciples enter the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • The Temple police arrest Jesus and the disciples run away.
  • Jesus is tried three times and is sentenced to death.
  • Jesus carries the cross to the place of crucifixion.
  • Jesus is nailed to the cross and dies after a few hours.
  • Jesus’ body is taken down and laid in a tomb.
  • The next day, some women find Jesus’ tomb empty.
  • Mary meets Jesus outside the tomb.
  • Jesus remains on the Earth for 40 days after his resurrection.


Easter Sequencing Activity

Easter Sequencing Activity

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