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Christmas Inspiration Posters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The posters, available for free download below, can be used for a wide range of Christmas activities. Try some of these different ways of using them in your classroom:

  • Put the posters on a classroom display at Christmas time. Leave some Post-It notes close by so children can record and stick their answers on the display.
  • Show a poster as an ‘early morning’ activity at the start of the day, or use it as an extension activity for children who finish their work first.
  • Use the ideas on the posters as Christmas activities for your class during the festive season.
  • Challenge children to think of a Christmas question, find (or make) an appropriate image and create their own ‘Christmas Inspiration Poster’ in a similar style to the ones below.

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Christmas Inspiration Posters

Christmas Inspiration Posters

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