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Ways to use UNO in the Classroom

Ways to use UNO in the Classroom

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Uno is a popular card game that was first developed in 1971 and has been played by millions of people, young and old, ever since. It’s certainly a favourite in our house!

The game consists of 112 cards, sorted into different colour suits, and each suit has number cards from 0 to 9. There are also additional action or ‘Wild’ cards.

Today, the classic game is accompanied by different themed sets and variations. Take a look at them all here. *

As well as enjoying games of UNO in the classroom, why not try some of these ideas to support learning in a variety of subjects?


  • Write a set of instructions to teach somebody how to play UNO.
  • Design a poster or other type of advert that encourages people to buy / play the game.
  • Write a newspaper article about a world record-breaking game of UNO.


  • Pick a selection of number cards and put them into order of size.
  • Choose three (or more) number cards and use them to make the largest number possible. Can you compete with a friend to see who can make the biggest number?
  • Choose two cards at random and use them to make addition, subtraction, multiplication or division calculations.
  • Choose three number cards and try to use them to make every number from 1 to 100. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide but you can only use each digit once. You can also place digits next to each other to make two-digit numbers.
  • Choose two cards and place one above the other to make a fraction. Can you think of equivalent fractions?
  • Look at the full range of cards available in a pack. Work out the probability of choosing a number ‘4’ from a full set. What is the probability of choosing a red card?


  • Record a video tutorial that teaches people how to play the game. Here is one example for inspiration:

  • Design a mobile game version of UNO.
  • Use publishing tools to create a poster that explains the rules of the game.

Design Technology:

  • Design a machine that shares UNO cards between players in a game.
  • Design a new UNO box to appeal to people browsing in a toy / games shop.


  • Design your own set of UNO cards. Could you make a themed version? Use the blank card template at the bottom of this page to get started!


  • Create a catchy soundtrack that could be used as part of a UNO mobile game.


  • Research the history of the game and create a timeline to show the main events.


  • Find out the names of the numbers / colours in other languages. Could you try to play the game in a different language?


Blank Cards Template

Blank Card Template

Download File

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