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The Phonics Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

If you’re looking for phonics resources for your children, download our handy collection of printable activity and display materials! This pack includes:

  • Phase 2 Phonics Mat – A helpful mat showing the sounds in phase 2 with examples of words.
  • Phonics Posters – A selection of posters that display words in different phases.
  • Kung Fu Phonics – Play ‘Noughts and Crosses’ (or OXO) using this game template.
  • Alternative Spellings – A poster that shows different ways of spelling the ‘s’ sound.
  • Pan-Dah’s Space Adventure – Can your children help Pan-Dah to get back to Earth? He can only travel to planets with real words on them.
  • High-Frequency Word Cards – Can your children read these high-frequency words?
  • Road Sign Phonics – Ask your students to make words using the sounds in front of Pan-Dah’s car.
  • High-Frequency Words Word Search – Challenge your children to find the high-frequency words in this word search!

These resources are part of our Phonics Pack. Find out more on our Teaching Packs site.


The Phonics Pack

The Phonics Pack

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