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The Instruction Writing Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Teach your children about instruction writing with this collection of downloadable teaching, activity and display resources! This pack includes:

  • Instruction Writing Guide – A helpful introduction to different aspects of instruction writing. Includes information about where we can find instructions, the different features of instruction writing, how instructions are arranged and helpful top tips!
  • Instruction Writing Cards – Eight cards that can be used as prompts for your children’s instruction writing.
  • How to make a Lizard Card – An example of instruction writing for your children to analyse.
  • Jumbled Recipe – Can your children sort the steps of this recipe into the correct order?
  • Instruction Writing Checklist – A helpful resource that your children can use to review their own instruction writing.
  • Connectives Display Banner – A printable banner to add to your classroom display boards.
  • Simplifying Instructions – The steps on this activity sheet are very complicated! Can your children simplify them so that they are easier to follow?

This resource is part of our Instruction Writing Pack. Find out more about this on our Teaching Packs site.


The Instruction Writing Pack

The Instruction Writing Pack

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