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The Grammar Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 6-11

Download a huge collection of resources to support your children’s knowledge and understanding of grammar. This pack includes:

  • Display and Reference Posters – Teach your children about nouns, types of adjectives (including comparative and superlative adjectives), adverbs, conjunctions and paragraphs. You could use these as whole-class teaching tools (by displaying them on an interactive whiteboard), as independent reference materials or on your classroom display boards.
  • Grammar Activity Cards – A set of twelve activity cards that can reinforce your children’s grammar knowledge.
  • Grammar Checklist – A handy checklist that your children can use to review the grammar in their own writing.
  • Grammar Wordsearch – A printable word search to help your children remember a number of grammar terms. Can they define each word as they find them?
  • Display Banner – A colourful banner to add to the Grammar display boards in your classroom.

These resources are part of the Grammar Pack, which you can download from our Teaching Packs site.


The Grammar Pack

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