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The Comprehension Challenges Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Improve your children’s comprehension skills with these great comprehension challenges.

The file below includes:

  • Mini Comprehensions – Simple comprehension challenges for early readers.
  • Identify, Describe, Infer – Look at the picture and answer the inference questions.
  • Flooded School Text and Comprehension – Read the newspaper article about Seaside School and answer the matching comprehension questions.
  • The Great Fire of London Comprehension – Learn about this famous historical event and then answer the questions.
  • Vincent van Gogh Comprehension – A biography of the famous artist with related questions.
  • What is the Water Cycle? – Comprehension questions based on a text about the water cycle.
  • New Zealand Fact File – A collection of questions based on reports about New Zealand.
  • At the Zoo Poetry Comprehension – Can your children answer the questions based on this poem?
  • Dinosaurs ‘Reach for the Stars’ – Earn stars by answering questions about the dinosaurs!
  • Soar Video Comprehension – Watch this popular animated video and then answer the questions.

These are part of our huge Comprehension Challenges Pack, which covers a wide range of subjects and topic areas!


The Comprehension Challenges Pack

The Comprehension Challenges Pack

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