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Spelling Tips Posters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The resources below are all printable posters that help children to remember the spelling of some tricky words:

  • Because
  • Desert and Dessert
  • Difficulty
  • -IGHT words
  • OULD words
  • Necessary
  • Rhythm
  • Said
  • Separate
  • Island
  • Believe
  • Does
  • Eight
  • Foreign
  • Friend
  • Loose or Lose
  • Practise or Practise
  • Together

Print the posters and use them as part of a classroom display, or print smaller versions to use as reference cards on children’s tables.

Thanks to the wonderful members of our Facebook community for suggesting lots of these tips and spelling mnemonics!

If you have any other tips for spelling other words, leave a comment below…


Spelling Tips Posters

Spelling Tips Posters

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