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Similes Resources

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

A number of printable resources linked to similes are available below. Here are some ideas for using them in the classroom:

  • Put them up on display!
  • Print the examples of similes and ask the children to explain what they mean.
  • Talk about the similes. Have the children heard any of them before? Where did they hear them?
  • Let children use the similes to make their own ‘Book of Similes’ to refer to during independent writing.
  • Ask children to find other examples of similes.
  • Ask children to make up their own similes, using ‘like’ and ‘as’.

Can you think of other ways of using these resources in the classroom? Leave a comment below to share them…


Similes Posters

Similes Poster

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Similes Examples

Example Similes

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