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by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Michele Papageorghiou

Riddles are an ideal way to develop children’s knowledge of rhyming. They are also great fun!

A worksheet which contains seven riddles can be found below. Answers to these riddles are as follows:

This is a word which rhymes with cat,
It goes on your head because it’s a HAT.

I’m useful for journeys when you’re going far,
I need lots of petrol because I’m a CAR.

You’ll find us near ponds or sitting on logs,
We jump and we croak because we are FROGS.

This is a word which rhymes with up.
You can drink out of me because I’m a CUP.

This is a word which rhymes with bake,
I’m nice to eat because I’m a CAKE.

This is a word which rhymes with spoon,
I shine at night because I’m the MOON.

A neverending circle, a bright shiny thing,
It’s on my fourth finger because it’s a RING.

When the children have worked out the answers to the riddles on the worksheet, they can easily try to make up some of their own. You could even make a riddles book in which you can publish the children’s riddles.




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